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Using Metal Fab Custom Conveyor System to cut costs

Every business owner strives to cut costs, it's a given but also a must in so many types of business. For decades our partners in the shell egg business have been coming to us to move their product safely, efficiently and most important reliably to ensure the can get their product packaged and sold. With the recent push from consumers on the poultry business toward cage free shell eggs producers have been tasked with monumental challenges to create real solutions needed to meet their customer's needs.......enter Metal Fab Engineering, solutions are what we do. In this example our design team came up with a custom manure conveyor system for our partners that allowed them to reduce their workforce by a dozen people in each of their locations and drastically improved bird health and living conditions inside the state of the art cage free farms we also co-designed with them. Imagine the benefit your bottom line could feel from a nearly 70% reduction in labor? Now before you wipe that smile off your face imagine our custom conveyor solution enabled you take what was once waste and turn it into a secondary revenue stream? Correct that happened too. The investment into our time and solutions by this partner not only allowed them to make those drastic labor savings it also took a waste product and we added a process that made it a fertilizer that was in demand and became a source of revenue. So much so that they have been able to offset feed cost at that farm by 75% with that revenue. These type of game changing innovations are what has enabled us grow during times of recession while maintaining partnerships spanning 3 and 4 decades. Do you have a challenge that is holding your business back from growth? Maybe you have an idea of a way to make a game changing improvement to what you do but just aren't sure how to get the rubber to the road. Call us, email us, smoke signal us whatever it takes let's talk because we take joy in those types of challenges and have not found many circumstances where we couldn't help. Not only can we engineer solutions for you we also produce them, right here in the USA thus keeping costs down for you. Let this custom conveyor belt system serve as an example, with the right investment and the right partner, solutions can have enormous return just like the millions this partner will bring to the bottom line over the life of this solution. We hope to hear from you no matter your problem or industry our team can help find a solution for you!

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