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Cage Free Conversions

If you are an egg producer faced with the challenge of transitioning your equipment to meet the demands of cage free standards give us a call. We can help as we started back in 2013 developing and modifying systems to enable cage free egg production while providing the flexibility to ensure you maintain the welfare, safety, and profitability of your farm. The United Egg Producers currently define Cage-Free Eggs as "eggs that are laid by hens that are able to roam vertically and horizontally in indoor houses and have access to fresh food and water. Cage-free systems vary from farm to farm and can include multi-tier aviaries. They must allow hens to exhibit natural behaviors and include enrichment's such as scratch areas, perches and nests. Hens must have access to litter, protection from predators and be able to move in a barn in a manner that promotes bird welfare." With so many major companies pledging to go "Cage-free" in the coming years the pressure on farmers to produce a product that meets these demands is immense but we can help.

Major companies to commit to cage-free

We have experience with a variety of major cage systems of various age and size including; Facco, Big Dutchman, Tecno and others. Do not get caught thinking new construction is the only way you can make your farm produce cage-free. Call us today and we will consult with you on what options may exist. We have engineered solutions of all sizes including a lifting system to move an entire 500 foot long row of cages at one time enabling a partner to salvage their few year old cage system and modify it to produce cage-free. Stay ahead of demand and let us help you stay in the game.

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