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We have been blessed for over 50 years to work with so many amazing people and companies in a variety of fields and specialties.  These are just a few of the companies we are proud to call partners.



Rose Acre Farms offers commodity eggs, specialty eggs including cage-free varieties, liquid eggs, dried eggs, and egg protein powder. Our commodity eggs, specialty eggs, and egg products are available wholesale in bulk containers as well as in a variety of egg cartons including pulp, foam, and clear. When we sell eggs wholesale to retailers, our team works with the client to develop a nutritional profile for the egg as well as brand-specific egg cartons. For our commercial and industrial clients, we offer liquid eggs and dried eggs in a variety of nutritional profiles that can include cage-free or other specialty eggs or commodity eggs, depending on the client's needs. Rose Acre Farms' egg protein powder, Sports Protein, is available directly to consumers.


At Rose Acre Farms, our high standards of quality, safety, and availability mark us as among the best egg producers in the country, but our values of service and integrity are what truly set us apart. We look forward to doing business with you!



BraunAbility Founder, Ralph Braun (1940-2013)

Ralph was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a young boy in 1947. Doctors told his parents he’d never be independent, but both Ralph and his parents were determined to prove them wrong. In the next few years, Ralph lost his ability to walk. At a young age, he set his mind to engineering the first battery-powered scooter. From there he designed the world’s first wheelchair lift, installed in an old postal Jeep, and complete with hand controls. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Ralph’s physical limitations only served to fuel his determination to live independently and prove to society that people with physical disabilities can participate fully and actively in life.

What started as a personal drive to keep independent evolved into BraunAbility, the leading manufacturer of mobility products across the globe. Ralph passed away in 2013 at the age of 72, but not before he launched the mobility movement. BraunAbility proudly carries on our founder’s legacy more

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