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Laser Cut Metal Parts

Sheet Metal Bending

Welded Assemblies

Belt Conveyors

We specialize in:

  • Laser Cutting up to

    • 1" Carbon Steel Plate

    • 1/2​" Stainless Steel

    • 1/4" Aluminum

    • 1/8" Polycarbonate

    • 1/8" EPDM

  • Press brake forming up to

    • 225 Ton bending​ capacity

  • ​Welded Assemblies​

  • Belt Conveyors

Excellence in Solutions

Domestic made solutions you can trust.  We pride ourselves on our quality and efficiency.

  • More than 50 Years of continued service, creativity, and development

  • Engineering, Customer Service and Production in one Location

  • Independent Company for cost-effectiveness

  • Continuous Lean Improvement

  • Fast Shipping Nationally

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